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Common saying says: "Hill of east of Shanhaiguan, 3 treasure, horn of ginseng, marten, pilose antler " . Ginseng, regard northeast as one of 3 treasure, it is the king of 100 grass. Say ferally " wild ginseng " , rarer, help advance somebody's career say " join field " . It belongs to the herb of perennial of slender acanthopanax division, because root shape is like person entity, this gets friend renown. Northeastern, it still has a nickname, be called " wooden club " .
The growth of ginseng characteristics is very special. Annual ginseng grows the compound leaf of a 3 palms shape only, common says " 3 flowers " ; Biennial ginseng is long have compound leaf of a 5 palms shape, common says " hand " ; 3 years unripe ginseng has compound leaf of two palms shape, say " 2 a cycle of sixty years " ; 4 years unripe ginseng has compound leaf of 3 palms shape, call " lamp desk " ; 5 years unripe ginseng has compound leaf of 4 palms shape, say " 4 taste a leaf " ; Say unripely 6 years " 5 taste a leaf " , the 6 above that taste a leaf say " wooden club king " , leaf number also increases no longer.

Ginseng will blossom every year June, the flower is shown flaxen, a lot of floret gather in cauline coping, the platoon becomes umbrella state, the flower falls result, fructification by blueness erubescent, bright red ginseng fruit says " red hammer " , the seed of 2 kidney form is contained in every fruit.
The person in past hill collect dig join or dig ginseng be called " put hill " , it is a few people commonly a group, freewill accompany, the person that choose has experience among them is become " gangmaster " , be in after neat solid food of groups of big equipment " gangmaster " guide next entering hill. Take the first job after hill, build shack to find a place for first namely come down, next, should be in of the gangmaster guide below, cense burn paper, the founder of a school of learning that genuflect hold a memorial ceremony for picks ginseng person as form of a address for an official or rich man -- " hill god old gangmaster " , devotional and restful, good luck. The thing finishs, "Gangmaster " announce to collect in public of ginseng " Shan Lishan compasses " , the ginseng that collects, deuce by everybody, this picks the crop that refers a person one year namely. A lot of hill in our Jilin area, still have now a lot of " pick ginseng person " .
In " pick ginseng person " in have a kind of such views " 69 to join, 79 for treasure " . Of course, this 69, 79 not be now the unit of measurement with people general place, those who point to is in the past 959 2 in be a jin, can say, blossom 7, the ginseng of 79, also get time of about a hundred years at least. In August 1981, in us Jilin saves churchyard of the county that stroke a pine, ever gouge weigh 497
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