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Preserved egg lake
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In Jilin environs, have a 40 famous plump hydroelectric station that build before New Year more, power station large dams is as high as 91 meters, be as long as 1000 meters. Large dams cuts off Songhua River by the waist, in its then upper reaches formed a preserved egg of tremendous ─ of artificial lake ─ lake.
The appearance of preserved egg lake is long and narrow, be as long as 200 much kilometers, the widest place makes an appointment with 10 kilometers, most in many meters about 70, store water quantity is made an appointment with 10 billion stand long, it is the big artificial lake of our country count as one of the best. The lake height of preserved egg lake, channel branch of a river is much, narrow be in two cliff green hill to confront each other, coquettish; Insignificant of grand of wide place mist-covered water, 10 thousand just green jade; All round layer hill rows of mountains, forest luxuriantly green; The picture of whole lake area is very pretty, the one part that became our country northeast area accordingly tourist attraction. Preserved egg lake jumps over upgrade to go, the lake is narrower, hill is steeper, shi Yueji, lin Yue is close, somebody thinks its scene provides yellow Shan Zhimei quite, li Jiang Zhixiu. There are a lot of isles in the lake, among them the famousest, also be a the biggest island calls 5 tigers the island. Allegedly, from the look down at in sky, the appearance of this island is like 5 tigers to play in water, call 5 tigers the island consequently. Insular area makes an appointment with 50 hectare, forest exuberance wants on the island, wild flower waves sweet, the travel establishment such as anteroom, dining-room was built on the island, arrive the summer, a lot of tourists swim by ship, go boating, picnic. The boat sails from travel of upgrade of 5 tigers island, can spend La to “ before long child ” . Here is considered as the place with the most beautiful scenery of preserved egg lake by a lot of people. Coastal each is small La child bulgy lake face, strange stone forest stands, move back line the pine forest of the hillside, present the scenery picture that gives a Shui Jing, Shi Ji, Song Xiu.
You Songhua lake had better be the summer, go up by ship at this moment, cool wind blow gently, summer heat total need. Jump over forth, all round group hill green desire is stronger, the environment is more halcyon, air is more fresh, can make you feel particularly free from worry. Besides the summer, in other season You Hu also can appreciate different view. In winter, all around group hill is silver-coated, lake water is frozen, face Ping Rujing, in this season, above hill hunts or can certain ice fishs. Spring, lake bank cliff, wild flower is put unexpectedly, fill lease of life. Autumn, layer forest all is caught, fiery maple, the oak with red orange, golden fallen leaves is loose, the Bai Hua of cream-colored is cultivated, make place of your line of sight is reached, everywhere color is multicolored. In preserved egg lake coastal silvan area is in 210 thousand hectare, among them northeast china ash, birch waits natural forest Korean pine, Bai Song artificial forest. The medicinal material such as ginseng, the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine is teemed with in mountain forest, still have the special local product such as hill grape, filbert, dawdle.
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