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Park of Long Tanshan forest
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Park of dragon pool hill is park of forest of a the city zone, be located in Jilin city the eastpart part, songhua River bank, look with photograph of a long time of boreal hill park. The park was planned 1957, all previous classics vicissitudes of life of 44 years of harships, still in store of primitive simplicity, elegance, mysterious, deep and serene scene. All the year round, scenery each different. It is with autumn especially most fill, come mostly this view hill enjoys the glorious full moon. Park of dragon pool hill covers an area of a face to accumulate 234 hectare. Put in hill have ancient Gao Gouli hill city relics, have temple of the Dragon King, still have the Long Fengsi with flourishing burning incense. This Long Fengsi has avalokitesvara inside the courtyard temple and temple closing the Supreme Being, two side have temple bell drum-tower.
According to legend, qianlong 19 years (1755) , hill of pool of Lin Shiwei dragon leaves Qianlong emperor Dong Xunji “ moist is born civilian the calligraphy such as ” . The landscape with the famousest park of dragon pool hill should belong to ” of “ Long Tan, the northwest that Long Tan is located in hill most the bottom is in depression, slabstone build by laying bricks or stones sends you to Tan Bian into rank road. Long Tan hides Yu Shan in depression Lin Yin, algidity raids a person. Long Tandong grows 47 meters on the west, north and south is 22 meters wide, tanshui shows blackish green scene, surface bestrews duckweed, appear abysmal. The vegetation on Long Tanshan is big and dense, whole hill has all sorts of tree 1.4 million individual plant, hundred years ancient tree and valuable name wood have more than 100 trunk of a tree. Arrive every year the autumn, that hill of original green, turned glowed 5 flowers into hill in an instant. What you see Na Gong is enthusiastic, those who fizzle out is rich, violet dignified, green dark, red green irregular, huang Zi is mottled, hope to weigh colour canvas to be hanged high between heaven and earth like far. Stage of the forest in the park, pailou, waterside pavilion, booth makes popular feeling free from worries magical happy, happy do not think of return, roam meantime, there is thick fallen leaves below the foot, sunshine from forest unoccupied place have diarrhoea comes down, smooth shade of a bundle of another bundle of composition, it is an excellent scenery really.