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Field of ski of Beijing University lake
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Listen to lake of this —— Beijing University, the heart thinks is the lake water that has a settleclear clear certainly. Not be right-down actually. Allegedly, original name is ” of crock of “ Beijing University, draft a name with a mountainous area landforms and hydrology circumstances. After constructing ski field here, change ” of crock of “ Beijing University to be ” of lake of “ Beijing University.
Field of ski of Beijing University lake is apart from Jilin urban district 56 kilometers, be apart from Changchun 141 kilometers. Walk into ski field, it is edifice of snow of north of —— of integrated service building head on. The Lou Shan austral back of boreal snow edifice and big top child hill. Two big hill show “ 8 ” glyph, the architect of boreal snow edifice also designs this building of purpose “ 8 ” glyph, stand at the empty shelves before two hill besides, cause coordinate already unified stress grand result again.
Northern city says he is the birthplace of ice and snow. Light has ice and snow to be no good, still must have the good place that fits campaign of ice and snow condition. Field of ski of Beijing University lake has this kind of requirement. Its are remarkable the characteristic is close from the urban district, leave the ski field with close urban district so like Beijing University lake, be in the world to go up is very few some. Feeling of air temperature of field of ski of Beijing University lake, snow is good. Average air temperature is in winter 0 times 10 Celsius, whole area 3 annulus hill, winter wind-force is weak, have a lot of time approximate Jing Feng. The snow of Beijing University lake period long, general Chu Xue is in in October the last ten-day of a month, eventually snow is in in April the last ten-day of a month, firn period is controlled 160 days; Make an appointment with below firn deepness hill 0. 5 rice, half way up the mountain are made an appointment with 0. Of above of kilometre of 8 rice, altitude amount to 1 meter of above. Snow form submits grain form, quality of a material is inattentive. Inspect argumentation according to the expert, if because special situation snowfall is little when, a mountainous area it is radioactivity water system for the center with the highest peak in a mountain range, still 6 is in running water of spring all the year round, annual is average fall 670 millimeter, can satisfy snow field to build snow to use water artificially.
Inspect argumentation through the expert, beijing University lake is a mountainous area if be developed for a long time in the round, its area can amount to 100 square kilometer; Metaphase develops an area integratedly to be able to amount to 57 square kilometer; Area of near future development can be amounted to 17. 5 square kilometer. 3 period the project is ski of completely OK and contented high mountain, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, free ski, contemporary the construction demand of place of project of the motion on all snow such as two shooting gallery and snow car, blowmobile and life area, reach the standard level of site of the race on international snow. In the meantime, reappearance digs travel resource, add trail and cableway, open field of pool of ski club, swimming-pool, fishing, tennis court, golf, turf, chase park of field, forest, make become an omnibus sports and travel center.
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