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Field of ski of Beijing University lake
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In January 1993, jilin saves municipal government of government, Jilin to to undertake carry of the 8th winter of countrywide was met 1995 and be contended for do the 3rd winter sports of Asian was met 1996 the match of the project on snow, decide development constructs field of ski of Beijing University lake. Be will form total position and program of in advance project year in May, in June 27 say first phase project is under construction on full steam, to December 1994 the project ends, investment 1. 200 million RMB, built high mountain trail, 10 kilometers annular and cross-country trail, contemporary two shooting range, 50 meters of 90 rice, diving tower each one, free ski stage and facilities of 5 cableway and living.
Field of ski of Beijing University lake trail of 3 high mountains distributings in south Lou Shan and big top child on hill.
A trail is built in south side of building hill north, full-length 3409 meters, wide 30- - 60 meters, average gradient 14° , differ 850 meters relatively high. This trail is divided paragraph, intermediate Duan Kuo combines intermediate skiing, peak paragraph and issue Duan Kuo at primary ski. Whole a trail contains 3 Duan Shangshan cableway. Still contain in trail bottom floodlight, offer illumination for nightly ski.
2 trail are in south to building Shanxi, it is to be in almost south a of Lou Shan annulus on corridor line, full-length 3310 meters, wide 20- - 30 meters, differ 534 meters relatively high, average slope is 10° left and right sides high.
3 trail are circumgyrate circuitry, initiative Yudading child Shandong north 1161 meters of altitude, slip to be in to 655 meters, full-length 1327 meters, 50 meters wide, differ 506 meters relatively high, gradient 22° . Build on this trail have two paragraphs of cableway.

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