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Rosefinch hill
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Rosefinch hill common calls “ old sow La child ” . Because there is one megalith on hill,this is, be similar in shape an old sow. (see figure above) if stand in bank of Songhua River north to look far,go, a pig is exactly like to running quickly madly toward hill on the contour line of hill.
Rosefinch hill is hill of a stone, there is mountain on hill, there is rock on stone, hill situation lofty is abrupt, strange stone is bony. Because harships denuded 100000, rows of mountains of hill of hill body layer, outline is trenchant.

Hill stone is grotesque, some resembles glossy ganoderma, some is like stone forest, some just is like a pair of lovers that lean close each other, return some solemning hand of division of which celestial being hold divine sword laughs point to blue sky. There is green tip of a red column between half way up the mountain 6 horn booth, make with solder of iron pipe, iron plate completely, impending go up in abrupt rock. The name is Wang Jiangting, stand in ahead of the overlook on booth, preserved egg lake is glisten like face mirror; Majesty of plump large dams is grave; The Songhua River is like an argent belt to pull Mi to wear flickering high-rise, the Jiangchen with the beautiful move that have bunch.
Most arduous is the highest peak of rosefinch hill- - the peak that find a dream. It inserts high in the clouds continuously commonly like dagger, peak of the dagger that be called, the road that supports to the peak should pass a gorge, some a section of a highway only one rule is broad, both sides is cliff. A few tourists carry really difficult Pan Pan on the head because of the peak, abandoned entering peak, without the view that can appreciate the summit. Ascend a peak to support to fly as be in the cloud, wind of side side hill makes sound, all round mist of cloud and mist. Make the person can'ts help giving out “ to be able to be become approach is zenithal, of small ” of general view numerous hill plaint. On the stone of the peak that find a dream, have the word of “ dream ” of a chisel, do not know He Ren when be certained. Dirt is far from in this implement over Shan Dian, life of think about with affection of date from history, if the dream is like unreal, good a peak that finds a dream!