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Field of ski of preserved egg lake
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Field of ski of preserved egg lake is located in preserved egg lakefront, be apart from the green foot of a hill that 20 much kilometers are in southeast the urban district to fall. Belong to climate of monsoon of sex of mainland of the north temperate zone. Hill much Lin Mao, air is fresh, sand blown by wind small, pollution amount of little, snow is larger, snow period is longer, atmospheric pressure is stable. Year average ice and snow period can amount to many days 150, the Songhua River with not frozen together with evaporates lunt, blow green hill area along with wind, receive condensation frostlike powder, cover ski area, road of slide snow line spreads a Xin Xue every day, half half way up the mountain can amount to 1 meter many when above snow is deep. Ski period came at 8 o'clock in the morning everyday afternoon at 3 o'clock, average air temperature is 10 ℃ 0 times- - 13 ℃ left and right sides. This ski field is by the ski of enclothes an area to form glyph of a “V” of 250 hectare. Altitude of big green hill 934. 2 meters, hill needle and hill heart head 671 meters. Snow field is very close from the urban district, need many minutes 40 to arrive namely only by car. So here is good ski place.
Field of ski of preserved egg lake has to grow nearly 3, 000 meters (embedded 700 meters of trail of a have as an attached institution) , wide the 50 high mountain trail of rice. Trail is highest gradient 32 degrees, average gradient 15 degrees, be apart from long, course straight, inclined gradient is small, eye shot is open, suit an athlete match of circumgyrate of fast, size and training. Additionally one grows 5 kilometers, wide the 4 cross-country trail of rice (have 2 among them. 5 kilometers and the two trail) with 3 long kilometers. The half of this trail is outspread in greenery forest, have a hillside already, have level the land again, fluctuation slope has, eye shot is open, accord with national competition demand. 1986, still build a ski diving platform of 50 meters of class according to international standard. Arrive from 1981 1986, built 3 built on stilts to carry person cableway respectively here. Among them, a cableway is full-length 1, 776 meters, 80 glider, every second moves 1. 6 meters, take from dot having a car need 15 minutes to be able to reach the peak only, can carry 120 people hourly. In addition, still build the small-sized ski field that has abecedarian and sledge line, motor of stock snow ground, horse pulls sledge to wait to be enjoyed for tourist.
It is all round field of ski of preserved egg lake, still have the landscape such as ” of head of dawdle of ” of La of “ fingered citron, “ cacti ” , “ , can view and admire for tourist.
Field of ski of preserved egg lake with its distinctive glamour, attracting tourist of more and more China and foreign countries.
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