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Boreal hill beauty spot
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Boreal hill is to be located in the park park with an elegant scenery inside Jilin city the city zone. Not only hill has the natural landscape such as Shui Youlin in the park. Still have Buddha, way, Confucianism the 3 historical historic site such as the Gu Miaoqun that teachs syncretic and a few humanitarian landscape. Now, boreal hill park already became people spring to ramble the travel resort that excursion of temple fair, summer, Qiu Guanhe, winter admires snow.
Walk into the gate of boreal hill when you, it is 3 lakelet at the moment, the eastern side is to row lake and lotus lake, dead water lake is in the west, water area gross area is close 80 thousand square metre, there is an island to have booth on the lake, environment happy person. Every arrive midsummer, greenery is shady, the lotus in the lake blooms, attract numerous tourist to row paddle, take a walk admire carry on one's shoulder, to the person a kind of “ admires a heart is month of pond of carry on one's shoulder most, dark cross singing to arrive the artistic conception of water limit ” .
The medical king temple fair of boreal hill enjoys great reputation quite, already had 200 old histories up to now. Annual the traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of April 8, April 18, in April 28 be boreal hill temple fair say child, a lot of be apt to male letter the female burn joss sticks that enter temple, pay homage to, pray restful. What boreal hill temple fair has spectacular event most will be April temple fair of 28 medicine king, annual temple fair tourist is amounted to 2, 300 thousand people, reason has “ the world of armour of 1000 hill cloister, jilin temple fair gets the better of 1000 hill ” say. During this, the renown actor product of Jilin, geometric ratio of toy of religious article, children is compared all is, those who come from each district is circus wagon, rub art group, literary performance group comes in succession show of temple fair start. All sorts of commodity full of beautiful things in eyes, the place is fastfood have everything that one expects to find. Make Jilin temple fair became science and technology to communicate the travel grand meeting of Fair of meeting, trade and Le Shanle water.
In there is a Shi Qiao among two hill, be called “ to pull bridle bridge ” , built 1932, for arch bridge of build by laying bricks or stones of rock of only music granite, 30 meters long, 5 meters wide 15.7 meters tall, very arduous. Boreal hill has a Guan Jingting each on two highest mountain peak, the view calling free from worries on Xi Feng wells balanced, on Dong Feng make pull month of booth, two booth echo each other at a distance, ascend booth overlook, jilin urban district all stops eye ground. Concerned emperor temple, bank is returned to wait for large quantities of one ancient temple from palace on hill additionally group, very grand. Now, jilin north hill already was travelled to go sightseeing to develop the travel economy developing zone at an organic whole with economy for collect certainly by Jilin municipal government, cover an area of amount to 518 hectare.
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