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Boreal hill beauty spot
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Be located in the macrocosm of ice and snow of the developing zone, be integrated public place of entertainment of the ice and snow outdoor, cover an area of 80 thousand square metre, set 3 ski run, deserve to have 3 cableway. Additional set sledge line, the recreational project such as snow ground motor. Language of boreal hill bird forest it is afterwards Dalian later of build another large and avian view and admire protective center. Cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 21 thousand square metre, the gigantic net of the of great momentum stands tall and upright in hill, net column center is as high as 42 meters, bian Zhu is 18 meters tall, cover an area 12000 square metre.
Now, collect of bird language Lin Hui syncretic of bird of birds of many 2000 nearly 100 breed, precious step up. The family that becomes you and you enters garden inside, square columbine await respectively your arrival, african ostrich can accompany your person of the same trade, the black swan in square, white swan to your beck, experience what make you appreciate nature adorably. Before long in the future, one those who be full of boundless glamour is brand-new boreal hill will be shown before tourist.
Director: Sentence a side gate of an imperial palace?
Address: Postcode of date of?1 of ぢ of rate of  qualitative instrument: 132011
Phone: 0432-5078553
Entrance ticket price: 5Yuan
Open time: 6: 00 to 17:00
Traffic information: Be apart from distance of Jilin city railway station to make an appointment with 8 kilometers, car Cheng makes an appointment with 15 minutes; Be apart from a station to make an appointment with 500 meters; 1, 7, 8, 45 can come around hotel.

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