Song of one tree mist rivals half Guilin
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, how do visitting an our city run red-letter day of mist Song ice and snow successfully

30. What are 500 million yuan of RMBs? It is the travel income of section of ice and snow of Song of mist of international of 2008 China Jilin.

Guilin of city of our country famous travel the travel gross earnings 2006 is 6.6 billion. Our city with mist Song section this one large part celebrates an activity to earn time 30. 500 million. The section celebrates an activity to pull moved travel economy.

Mist Song part comes to will stop on Feburary 28 this year since December 16, 2007, hold ice and snow of Song of choose of ambassador of figure of Song of section of ice and snow of Song of mist of network of Jilin of the 2nd China, mist, mist in succession travel photography work is exhibited, circuitry of high-quality goods of lira of sweet case of ice and snow swims, happy ski swims wait for 8 activities, all closely around " appreciate mist Song marvellous spectacle, experience ski heaven " this theme.

Section of ice and snow of this mist Song captured the distinguishing feature of Jilin city closely, change travel resource make competitive travel product. During mist Song section, rental rate achieves guesthouse of class of our city SamSung 67 % above, the scene area tourist such as ski field recieves a quantity to compare growth of twice of the corresponding period of in former years, this can show an issue very much.

It is an opening ceremony with Beijing University lake advocate assembly room, introducing beautiful scenery of Song of Jilin city mist while, introduce the Asia's best ski resource; Ice and snow of network mist Song recommends Jilin city on division net; Circuitry of high-quality goods of lira of sweet case of ice and snow swims, let tourist be close to charm of Song affection snow; Move feeling Jilin to go resource of travel of ice and snow of effective and integrated our city...

Each activity of rich and colorful produced the effect that systematic development, whole plans, appear nature, smooth and have effect quite. What show directly is, the mist Song ice and snow of Jilin city entered the field of vision of people, the our city had travel agent of much home of many 20 travel agent and other cities to reach cooperative intent agreement.

A section celebrates an activity to make an our city beautiful beautiful urban environment and recieve a service high gradely to be shown adequately before common people again, active the travel economy of the our city. CCTV, travel is defended inspect, newspaper of Jilin daily, new culture, Jilin is defended inspect wait for news media to all be opposite a few relevant activities of mist Song section make comprehensive report.
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