Construction of 12 travel project is successful
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On March 21, the reporter learns in city tourism bureau, the item of 12 keys travel that the our city includes municipal government working report this year is built at present successful.

Infrastructure of tourism of preserved egg lake builds: 2008, the our city plans to carry out commercial and transportation center of area of soft conditions of preserved egg lake, plan start working will be built May.

Beijing University lake develops integratedly: Planning, will give a result June.

Area of lotus hill scene develops: Group of Hong Kong new Hao already signed a contract with this scene area, in planning.

Help development of area of law hill scene: first phase invests 12 million yuan, infrastructure project has ended. After July, this scene area will begin to build 2 period project, the plan invests 18 million yuan, construction form a complete set serves establishment, include construction of room of carry out ticket, check ticket and Training Within Industry to wait.

Demonstrative area of travel of course of study of collier of the pan that place a skin builds: The plan invests 40 million yuan this year, build the museum below golden mine and culture square.

Park of forest of Home Gong Shiguo develops construction: Already invested 350 thousand yuan, build toilet of 24 environmental protection, brigade cursor knows 20 place.

Ancient city of reparative corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs: Already invested 800 thousand yuan, because aptitude of engineering construction group is insufficient last year, plan go into operation afresh.

Area of scene of small white hill develops integratedly: Be in pre-construction, next preparation deal with early days formalities.

Neat temple of sky of fingered citron mountain builds a project: Strive for in May start working, construction of 50 % main body is completed inside year.

East Billiken grange garden: Preparation whole project will end end in June, the plan invests 20 million yuan.

Garden of sightseeing of zoology of agriculture of bath of hot spring of holy heart spring: Doing business, next preparation transform field of ski of 5 lis of bridges.
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