Division of new travel function will show Jiangchen
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The our city will build 5 new travel function divisions this year.

Area of function of this 5 big new travel has: Build the scene division such as fingered citron hill, compose builds what be a center with preserved egg lake " lake of annulus preserved egg 5 hours " tourism group; Construction east the hot spring such as Billiken grange garden goes vacationing travel area, compose builds hot spring culture recreational scene area; Develop " new, old 8 scene " edge river tourist attraction, the scene area such as museum of join aerolite rain, compose builds division of travel of high-quality goods of Songhua River culture; Build beauty spot of folk-custom of bright armour hill to wait, compose is built have larger force and know a spent zoology travel higher to go vacationing base; Construction places area of situation of leather pan mine to wait, compose advocates mine of gold of underground of mine of hundred years gold, treatment whole process swims and on the ground muti_function model network of travel of body of You Li of national forest park.

Infrastructure of tourism of preserved egg lake is built, plan start working will be built May. Demonstrative area of travel of course of study of miner of gold of the channel that place a skin is built, the plan invests 40 million yuan this year, build the museum below golden mine and culture square. Project of construction of neat temple of sky of fingered citron mountain strives to be in May start working, the principal part that 50 % complete inside year is built. Billiken grange garden prepares east whole project will end end in June, the plan invests 20 million yuan.