Bright armour hill " temple of holy water buddhist " add builds a project to beg
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Bright armour hill " temple of holy water buddhist " project of religious culture travel is Shu Lan travel of capital attraction of government of city tourism bureau, Tian Dexiang develops a project. Dimensions of this project building is baronial, structure style is distinctive, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 450 hectare, the plan invests 190 million yuan of RMBs, it is 4 big temple buildings of easy orchid town group one of.

Bright armour hill " temple of holy water buddhist " add builds a project to made planning to design and deal with project approving to examine and approve wait for relevant formalities 2006, began construction formally 2007 build. This project in those days laid cement road surface is 7 kilometers, big precinct of finishing, office already threw project of Xiong Baodian main body use. Each preparation before beginning proceed add to build from March 15 this year works, begin construction formally on April 15 construction. The plan invests 30 million yuan this year, the main project that start working builds has: Part of foundation of mountain villa of water of room of day king hall, cure, room room, emperor and holy water avalokitesvara, 3 Temple of God. After predicting whole project builds, the Xin Liang that will become culture of religion of Shu Lan city to travel is nodded, become the optimal travel destination that attracts broad tourist, help the rapid development that moves local obtain employment and economy, make contribution for economy of Shu Lan city and social progress.

"Temple of holy water buddhist " main construction content:

Dancing world -- area of Buddha of manage of temple of holy water buddhist. Include tea garden of meaning of a covered corridor or walk of temple of holy water buddhist, Buddha art, buddhist to wait.

Elysium -- avalokitesvara center area. Include: Holy water avalokitesvara, precious jade garden of orange of money of pond of garden of ancestral temple of surname of pool, a hunderd schools, invocatory hall, free captive animals, be apt to.
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