51 small Jiangchen length a holiday swim one day, 2 days swim circuit
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This year 51 small long holidays, during be worth lake of preserved egg of Jilin of the 3rd China to open Jiang Yumei to feed a section to hold. Lie fallow to abound citizen nearby activity, the our city opened line of 8 travel high-quality goods.

One day swims circuit has 6:

The urban district full power plant of one rosefinch Shan Yifeng, preserved egg lake;

Lake of one preserved egg promotes the urban district village of folk-custom of smooth the Chaoxian nationality;

The urban district park of forest of country of one lotus hill reservoir of one Yellow River cave of one palace horse;

The urban district, spring of one emperor heart kisses star chirp reservoir spray garden;

Loose Jiang Zhonglu cathedral of one All Souls'Day square of discipline of generation of temple of one Jilin article one aerolite museum field of deer of hill of one dragon pool one Jiangchen theater admires beauty spot of one north hill authentic and northeast a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast;

The urban district, place of Zun Jianong division, base of Dong Fulu lubricious agriculture.

2 days swim circuit has 2:

The urban district, hill of cause big chicken beauty spot of one Su Mi channel (mountain fastness of Baixue of white birch forest, Dan Feng) , wormwood lake fights couplet close battalion oxygen of one forest of park of forest of Home Gong Shiguo one Bai Shan lake;

The urban district puts lake channel on the ice area of virgin forest scene, Qing Ling beauty spot (Qing Ling live fish a street, south movie and TV of the lake chute, mountain that insert a tree films base farmhouse happy travel) park of forest of country of the one hill that play a way grows line of business of Bai Shan wine (stand newly formerly.

Draw travel line oneself:

Boreal hill beauty spot (the) inside the urban district;

Park of forest of rosefinch hill country (be apart from the urban district 11 kilometers) ;

Park of dragon pool hill (the) inside the urban district;
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