The farmhouse happy travel of huge rock flourishing
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35 good friends, or be driven oneself or take a car, come to outskirts green hill between green water, stepping green viridescence grass, listening to trickling sluggishly brook underwater acoustic, after the beautiful scenery that enjoys this nature, pure and fresh spring to the top of one's bent, stroll again idle swims to be in farmhouse compound, want on a few cole, drink on a few small burn, this is the farmhouse happy travel with fashionable, at present prosperous huge rock.

According to not complete count this year " 51 " the kind of go on a journey that city of section around huge rock had more than 50000 people to choose short line countryside to swim, the circumjacent countryside that they come to to the city for the most part to the top of one's bent after the beautiful scenery that enjoyed countryside, dou Meimei's sampling the characteristic meal of farmhouse. And aed string of 1000 cash to those eating for the urban person after the vegetable in big fish big meat, conservatory, here green, delicate, substantial farmhouse meal, became their optimal option undoubtedly, also become farmhouse courtyard to have a window of appeal most.