Shu Lan installed rustic travel newly to jump new chance to extricateoneself fro
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"Seaborne, go for a walk in the country in spring, mountain-climbing, view and admire red autumnal leaves, Xue Jing, farmhouse happy... " , easy orchid city brings country newly the rustic travel project of these rich and colorful attracted large quantities of tourist, also brought material benefit to the farmer.
Easy orchid city installs countryside newly to be located in southeast a mountainous area, travel is resourceful. Island of new An Maoshan, Zun Shishan, aigret (install reservoir newly) , scene of nature of a covered corridor or walk of red autumnal leaves is beautiful, it is tourist go for a walk in the country in spring, float, mountain-climbing, award the optimal site of scene. Here group hill folds cereal of emerald green, peak to confuse water of screen of barrier, red autumnal leaves, river clear and transparent. People arrives annual spring here go for a walk in the country in spring, the summer comes here to drift, autumn winter season comes here to view and admire red autumnal leaves, Xue Jing, already got the favour of broad tourist. Especially in recent years the Huo Lun river of new development travels adrift project, have at present nod adrift everywhere, attracted the presence of large quantities of tourists. Be the same as seaborne project dissolve of farmhouse happy travel is an organic whole, let while the tourist enjoys seaborne fun, live farmhouse courtyard, eat farmhouse meal, live hotel of farmhouse happy family, went to the lavatory greatly tourist.

Current, install country government and bureau of tourism of Shu Lan city newly to beginning to engineer and start the whole of new An Maoshan to develop, conformity is recreation of meal of the collect that pack, recreational go vacationing to travel for the countryside of an organic whole project, give aid to install countryside newly to combine construction of base of village travel commodity, make further install line of countryside zoology travel newly.