Bureau of pop of fire of travel of summer of Beijing University lake
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The travel resource that to make full use of Beijing University lake abounds, ceaseless promotion goes up the brand of big lake and external famous degree, developing zone of economy of sports of Beijing University lake coordinates relevant section actively, as soon as possible is run, threw many advertisement conduct propaganda, the plan was held " go for a walk in the country in spring of Beijing University lake is picked and recreational swim " . Through 10 days move, welcome a visitor in all 3000 much people, achieved the new breakthrough that the summer travels.

The tourist takes the perpendicular plant that because height above sea level is different,cableway is viewed and admire and forms to distributing in Beijing University lake careless field of belt, high mountain and garden of high mountain of characteristic of Beijing University lake; Picked all sorts of hill potherb, pass through the Lou Shan austral Jilin area highest peak, fashionable and decorous motion experiences in golf field, appreciation song and dance. Long the tourist that occupies a town is in fresh air of bath nature sunshine, breath while, experience arrived to loose the ego, feeling that returns to nature.

Beijing University lake is natural summer resort, scene area still will raise travel to recieve service level further, one part is supplied for broad citizen, tourist in sorching summer travel, recreational, be away for the summer holidays, go vacationing the high-grade place that reachs business affairs communication, meeting.