Section of the 3rd white birch is about to pull open pasture of Chinese · birch
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Pasture of Chinese · birch opening ceremony of section of the 3rd white birch will on August 3, 2008 late 6 when be in 28 minutes square of culture of birch pasture downtown is held.

This activity is sponsorred by government of people of city of pasture of municipal Party committee of pasture of birch of the Communist Party of China, birch,

Introduce according to this second activity plan, the opening ceremony divides 3 link to undertake. On August 3 afternoon 5 when to 6 when 30 minutes, undertake middle and primary school gives birth to brass band, strains of music accompanied by drumbeats the team is revealed and community yangko big round of drinks swims. Pasture of Chinese · birch is held later opening ceremony of section of the 3rd white birch. City leads a talk; Ranking leader announces pasture of Chinese · birch section of the 3rd white birch kicks off. On August 3 6 when 58 minutes of opening ceremonies are literary show, specially invite provides pasture of snow plum Lai Hua to sing " silent Bai Hua forest " thematic song, still invite a province at the same time actor of famous a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast and pasture of provincial singer Lai Hua attend a show, show time is half hours about.

Birch pasture builds a county 100 years, when removing a county to set city 20 years to celebrate congress to be the same as, hold.