Songhua River travel agent greets an Olympic Games, tree figure, see the move
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City tourism bureau allotted Jilin to begin " greet an Olympic Games, tell new wind of civilized, tree, volunteer service to act " after the announcement, travel agent of Jilin city Songhua River takes seriously very much, active organization faculty learns seriously, carry out implement file spirit, how to fulfil " greet an Olympic Games, tell Xin Fengzhi of civilized, tree to wish to serve " activity, undertook having be been opposite really sexual arrangement, particular way:

It is inside strong quality. To raise Olympic Games of faculty consciousness dedication, show the mental scene that the our city travels. Songhua River travel agent from increase employee quality take as the point of departure, promote energetically " consecratory, friendly affection, help each other, progress " volunteer spirit, appeal full commune member is versed in, improve oneself quality hard, raise travel to recieve the ability that serves quality and level hard, had made volunteer service to greet an Olympic Games.

2 be outside tree figure. Regard the window as the industry, songhua River travel agent reachs the tourist guide that head a group to faculty, had a society formal, life formal, concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals formal He Zunzhang defends formal, occupation of discipline groom, requirement employee takes what round tourist guide wants high quality, high quality to do good travel to recieve especially, travel explains the job, advocate civilized diction, courtesy to entertain a guest, had recieved each coming the guest that Jilin city sightseeing travels. Determined Du Jue's tourist guide is revulsive, force or covert force guest passivity to consume phenomenon and the behavior that violate discipline happens. Let each guests that come to Jilin city come gladly, go approvingly, make each guests can remember our glamour city from the heart- - Jilin city.