Birch pasture section of the 3rd white birch opens
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Late on August 3 6:28, in square of culture of birch pasture downtown, section of the 3rd white birch pulls open pasture of Chinese • birch formally heavy curtain. Mechanism of straight office of concerned leadership of birch pasture city, city, villages and towns, enterprise or business battalion of the delegate of unit cadre worker, country that be stationed in birch, province, city is enterprise or business unit leader and middle and primary school give birth to a delegate 5000 more than person attended an opening ceremony.

Birch pasture section of the 3rd white birch is sponsorred by government of people of city of pasture of municipal Party committee of pasture of birch of the Communist Party of China, birch, news of culture of bureau of tourism of department of propaganda of birch pasture municipal Party committee, city, city is published and bureau of education of sports bureau, city undertakes,

Yang Yuchun of mayor of birch pasture city makes a speech on the opening ceremony and announce to kick off, the ginseng such as Tang Jianjun of Sun Ping of plum of snow of famous and Yang Lei of singer of province chorus youth and king force, vocal furniture, famous soprano singer and artist of performance of famous a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast added an opening ceremony to perform. The evening party had two many hours, end in the applause with enthusiastic audience and colourful fireworks.