Hotel of Jiangchen business travel
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Brief introduction of hotel of Jiangchen business travel

Hotel of Jiangchen business travel owns store of Jilin ave inn, suitable city market two punish inn, inside and outside is decorated design by a person of academic or artistic distinction, the element of will contemporary vogue is blended in among them, the style is chic, hotel interior environment quiet and tastefully laid out, establishment advanced, function is all ready. Have the of all kinds house such as room of the standard room that decorates warmth, single room, family, special offer room model in all 158, independent toilet is set inside the room, offer shower of 24 hours of hot water, independent air conditioning, TV, phone and free broadband to get online. Still set small-sized assembly room and cafeteria. It is Wu of market room, meal, meeting the economy at an organic whole guesthouse, it is travel goes vacationing more, the good place that business affairs negotiates. Come inn client is enjoyed quick enter wake a service up with morning of as soon as possible. Faculty wishs the environment with warmth, excellent service, reasonable price, welcome presence of all circles friend sincerely!

Ave of Jilin of hotel of Jiangchen business travelInn(Jilin ave 157) be located in Jilin ave on the west side, be apart from square of Jiangchen of either end of a bridge of Jilin big bridge 50 meters, it is adjacent with edifice of telegraphic building, insurance, lie between market phase to look with edifice of downtown hospital, electric power. All can enjoy scene of Songhua River two sides along loose Jiang Lu; Be apart from east street of city business street, Henan is made an appointment with 300 reach 500 meters; There is museum of park of square of Wen Miao, Catholic hall, century, Changjiang Delta, aerolite to wait for travel place all round.

Hotel traffic is convenience, separating a market is booking office of Jilin civil aviaton and bus of Long Jia airport namely the dot that take a car, be apart from airport car Cheng about 40 minutes; Be apart from Cheng of railway station car about 5 minutes, multiply 3, 103 public transportation in square of either end of a bridge the station gets off arrive namely, distance of the car since the taxi (price having a car 5 yuan) .
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