Museum golden week recieves plump water and electricity to drive a visitor onese
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Drive oneself swim the tourist visits outdoors transformer substation

On September 29Begin, plump large dams opens to the outside world afresh, come the tourist in an endless stream that museum of water and electricity of plump power plant visits, among them majority is to be driven oneself swim tourist, reach more than 10000 people, the corresponding period grew comparatively last year 46% . On October 1Was to reach a peak more.

Dam carries sightseeing tourist in an endless stream on the head

Museum of water and electricity of plump power plant is our country the biggest water and electricity is at present professional museum. The new window that saves industrial travel as Jilin and window, it is selected already " East Asia travels 10 names scene " one of. Come from Anhui, Beijing, Harbin, Daqing, Qiqihaer, Changchun, Shenyang, Yan Ji, change drive oneself swim tourist admire name and to, want to be seen " the mother of water and electricity " with China the elegant demeanour of museum of major of the first water and electricity.

Tourist visiting museum is precious historical picture

Serve quality to rise, establish image of abundant report travel, inside the factory after defending report in the light of the Olympic Games, circuit looks around to be opened afresh on dam, the tourist increases in great quantities wait for a circumstance, "11 " before, company of travel of plump power plant did painstaking preparative work. Special subject held the golden week to recieve arrange the meeting. On the meeting, manager Liang Zumin with respect to the factory between holiday date inside, look around with museum on dam recieved the job to make array and arrangement. Ask faculty cooperates closely, ensure the tourist is safe, during making good red-letter day hammer and tongs welcome the job. Travel company recieves center and office faculty to abandon " October 1st " holiday, complete member go to work, watch scene station in museum, large dams, advocate the tourist attraction such as workshop is in charge of check ticket welcoming the job. Undertook to ground of museum of plump water and electricity cleanness waxes maintain, purchased 300 safety helmet for the tourist, had made the sufficient preparation that greets golden week visitor.
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