Greet park of forest of country of 11 Jilin red stone to be opened in the round
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11 during, park of forest of Home Gong Shiguo will be opened to the tourist with brand-new appearance.

Subject Jilin visits park of forest of country of Jilin red stone ward of birch pasture city, the park takes up forest land is forest zone of commonweal of key of bureau of trade of red stone forest. Park north removes red Lin Daqiao, had gone up to lake of Gongshi of hydroelectric station of Na Jinggong stone, edge lake of white landscape power station, white hill is coastal, come eventually island of two estuarine tortoise. The park covers an area of a face to accumulate 28574.6 hectare, water area area 2269 hectare, the forest is enclothed rate 84.6% . The natural landscape that the park basically relies on white hill lake, Gong Shihu and periphery: Hill, island, lake 3 be located in an organic whole, beautiful and pretty. Inside the park natural Lin Qianzi 100 condition, forest and laky formed peculiar climate, vegetation is complete, everythings on earth haunt, sending out the negative oxygen of great spill is ionic, be known as " natural oxygen " .

The plant uses inside garden very rich: Plant more than kinds 190, animal more than kinds 230, among them the tree of Korean pine, oak, precious tree such as northeast china ash is planted grow eagerly here. The animal such as blackbear, sika, white marabou is the same as lakefront of dwell Yu Linxi. There is fish inside garden more than kinds 30, the Songhua River " 3 flowers one island " celebrated China and foreign countries. Feral curiosa is very rich inside garden: Precious fungus has yellow grind, mushroom of hedgehog hydnum, hazel more than kinds 20. Chinese traditional medicine kind ginseng, glossy ganoderma, the tuber of elevated gastrodia waits for more than kinds 50. Hill dish kind dish of brake of tender bud of celery having mountain, thorn, hill more than kinds 40. In a lot of natural green food, loose seed, forest frog, agaric, ginseng, those who be known as rank grass of forest of east of Shanhaiguan is new " 4 treasure " .

Humanitarian landscape is long and grand inside garden. Relics of famous ancient time 10 place: Birch promotes relics, Deng hill relics disentomb, gong Shilin the history of the area is pushed come the Bronze Age. In former years, the mark of renown Cheng Gu here is various: Temple of the Dragon King of the four seas, hope the temple such as fane of river ancestral temple, hill all is built hereat. Especially old evil river is encountered " the Dragon King " moving fokelore, cockscomb La child the beauty of stone of hill, toad is mythological, drape mysterious veil to silvan park.
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