A covered corridor or walk of red autumnal leaves of easy orchid city if 11 tour
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"11 " during, easy orchid city installs travel beauty spot newly layer forest all is caught, multicolored, a covered corridor or walk of red autumnal leaves of a hunderd li, show to people beautiful the scene picture scroll of much appearance, beautiful scenery of red autumnal leaves allows tourist forgetting to return. This year " the golden week " the tourist that come here is particularly much, october comes one day the height that October is stream of people 5 days, amount to on 1000 person-time everyday sometimes.

Install nature of travel beauty spot newly scene is beautiful, it is tourist go for a walk in the country in spring, mountain-climbing, award the optimal site of scene. Here group hill folds cereal of emerald green, peak to confuse water of screen of barrier, red autumnal leaves, river clear and transparent, true it may be said " water of strange peak green jade mirrors blue sky " . It is the heaven that tourist recites poems picture and photography lover, it is one goes up the travel circuitry of beautiful.

The leaf cultivates the Gong Feng here, say again " pigheaded interest child " it is a kind of precious Xi Shaoshu is planted. Allegedly, become inside alive bound limits piece Gong Feng Xie Shu, center in 4 countries only. Namely the Jilin province of the United States, Canada, Korea and China. Fall October, install a covered corridor or walk of red autumnal leaves of a hunderd li newly to enchanting especially, maple leaf cultivates fiery, beautiful scenery of red autumnal leaves already got the favour of global tourist. The photography lover that comes from and other places of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, annual " 11 " the golden week should get together here, among them this year the press photographer of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Heilongjiang with respect to 100 much people, tourist in an endless stream. Bring project of travel of red autumnal leaves newly, begin from 2000, have preliminary development, cultural Festival of travel of two red autumnal leaves was held early or late since 2002.