Jilin to open up routes for many international border
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9th China National Tourism Administration tourism study in Jilin Province, the reporter from the local tourism forum held informed, Jilin Province, is the United Russia, North Korea, South Korea, Japan and other countries a number of local tourism agencies to develop cross-border tourism project, to open up eastern border of Jilin Province Foreign tourism cooperation channels to attract more tourists to the tourism in Northeast Asia. Some experts pointed out that with the deepening of cooperation, cross-border cooperation in tourism could be a new breakthrough in Northeast Asia.

Jilin Province is also one of the few cities to the border the two countries border tourism in the world. Jilin Province has now opened seven border crossings, and dozens of cross-border tourist routes. According to reports, the new cross-border travel in Jilin Province plans will focus on three key projects: Hunchun China - Russia - North Korea border cooperation in the international tourist area, Central Japan Sea Cruise the five countries, expanding Russian tourists inbound tourism.

Jilin Hunchun - Russian Package del town that Asia - the Korean Duman River City, Jilin Province as a tourism focus has been the international border tourism projects. To this end, Jilin Province, is working with Russia and North Korea to actively coordinate the preparation of the three recognized experts in the tourism cooperation of the development plan.

Five Central Sea of Japan Sea opening of large multinational companies will be taken upstream of the way cruise, starting from Hunchun City, Jilin Yanbian, the Korean Qibaoshan, Mount Kumgang, Luo city, Chongjin, South Korea Sokcho, Pusan, Vladivostok, Russia , Sakhalin Island, Japan Niigata, Akita, Sapporo and other tourist attractions thread into the line, combined into a unique tourism products Sea Link.

According to reports, the development of Northeast Asia has become a cross-border travel programs related to national consensus. In September, held in Changchun, Northeast Asia Expo, multi-country tourism industry have said that Northeast Asia has stunning natural scenery and diverse culture, the development of new cross-border tourist route will be the focus of national tourism sector. Some experts pointed out that with the deepening of cooperation, cross-border cooperation in tourism may well be a new breakthrough Cooperation in Northeast Asia.

China, Russia, North Korea, South Korea and other countries have recently adopted a joint implementation plan for short visits. The plan will guide the conduct of national tourism activities and tourism projects through the implementation of specific substantive results, such as simplified procedures for cross-border tourism, improving tourism facilities and service quality, strengthen the training of tour guides, the development of diversified tourism products.

"At present, the opening of these cross-border travel routes there are some issues to be resolved, the implementation of cross-border travel in Northeast Asia needs the joint efforts of relevant countries." Vice governor of Jilin Province, Yanbian, Shun-based Simon, said the current national and local government departments have decided to take measures to resolve cross-border tourism joint consultation process may arise.