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The brigade of lira of sweet case of Chinese northward ice and snow is classical
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Circuit journey D1: Each district /   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of Jilin city   is old: Jilin city
Each district reachs Jilin city, swing, enter a public house, dinner is Manchu gust banquet 3 bowls banquet, eat hind watchs northeast a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast.
D2: Jilin city /   of   of   of   of   of   of field of ski of Beijing University lake is old: Jilin city
Museum of square of the road in mist Song, You Songjiang is being watched after breakfast, Catholic hall, century, aerolite, go to scene of national AAAA class area -- field of ski of Beijing University lake, snow of lunch backward slip, play snow sledge, ride snow ground bike.
D3: Jilin city / groove guard of nature of long white hill /   of Yan Ji city is old: Grow Bai Shan
China is gone to after breakfast area of scene of class of AAAA of 10 names hill, country -- long Bai Shan (car Cheng 8 hours) . Dinner grows banquet of precious of white hill hill, hot spring of high water of the bath after eat.
D4: Groove guard of nature of long white hill /   of   of   of   of the city that delay auspicious is old: Delay auspicious city
Breakfast hind enters long Bai Shan, watch long Bai Shanbing snow-field of Xue Dongjing, immense forest, taste hot spring egg, visit northeast Hu Linyuan, go to seat of government of autonomous prefecture of the Chaoxian nationality that extend a limit to delay auspicious city afternoon (car Cheng 4 hours) . Dinner is authentic gust of the Chaoxian nationality, admire song and dance of the Chaoxian nationality.
D5: The city that delay auspicious /   of   of   of   of   of   of   of   of peony river city is old: Peony river city
Peony river city is gone to after breakfast (car Cheng 7 hours) , winter of lens berth lake looks around to catch in road, city of movie and TV of power tiger hill, reach peony river city late.
D6: Peony river city /   of   of   of   of countryside of double peak snow is old: Heated kang of Xue Xiangdong north
China is gone to after breakfast countryside of the first snow -- countryside of Shuang Feng snow (car Cheng 5 hours) , the swing after lunch, visit scene of snow countryside beauty, experience farmhouse of northeast forest zone lives, freedom photographs.
D7: Peony city / each district
Breakfast hind returns peony river city, visit Xue Bao, swing, send round end the journey.
This circuitry is link line, can by random one city is entered.