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The brigade of lira of sweet case of Chinese northward ice and snow is classical
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Circuit journey D1: Amorous feelings of mist Song marvellous spectacle, corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs piece
1. Jilin receives a group, those who go to Jilin mist Song is optimal view and admire an area -- street of corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs is Manchu area of scene of island of the Song that press down mist (be apart from the urban district 40 kilometers) . Of the Song that admire mist, look around Manchu mark of frame of civilian house, horse, ground. Lunch samples to town of street of corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs authentic and Manchu chaffy dish. Visiting Qing Dynasty for you the goverment office in feudal China of the corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs that make animal sacrifice that royalty offers articles of tribute, Return Jilin urban district.
Old: Jilin city
D2: River Song open interest piece
After breakfast, the outskirts that goes to Jilin mist Song views and admire an area -- 5 chirp view and admire an area. View and admire Song of river bank mist. Go to field of ski of lake of Jilin city preserved egg (be apart from the urban district 14 kilometers) . Take a high mountain telpher, dozen blowmobile, sit horse (dog, sheep) pull climb pear, ski, drive snow ground motor, enjoy the joy that ice and snow brings to the top of one's bent. Lunch samples northeast farmhouse banquet. Return the urban district afternoon.
Old: Jilin city
D3: Visit ancient explore treasure of day of deep and remote, content China piece
After breakfast, visiting northeast is existent the most complete Gothic is built -- Catholic hall; The biggest stone aerolite museum on the world -- Jilin aerolite museum; The Wen Miao with northeast the largest area -- Jilin article temple; Collect Buddha, path, Confucianism 3 teach the Jilin north hill at an organic whole Gu Miaoqun. After lunch, go to the Asia's oldest sika farm -- field of deer of hill of pool of Jilin city dragon. Garden of visiting deer animal farm, 3 treasure. Go to Jilin city library to see Jilin special local product -- billow Mu Gendiao. After dinner, watch the place that has distinguishing feature of powerful east of Shanhaiguan to make fun of -- a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast. Old: Jilin city
D4: After breakfast, go to Jilin to visit provincial capital -- the Changchun City. The cradle that sees new China auto industry -- Changchun automobile factory, bogus full palace, film city. Dinner evacuation group ends the journey.