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Jilin city spring, summer, autumn swims one day main travel circuitry
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Circuit journey 1. Jilin city urban district swims one day
Early Jiangchen guesthouse sets out, the beach outside visitting Jilin -- loose Jiang Zhonglu, visit Catholic hall, the location of a school when visiting gold day becomes young seek knowledge -- middle school of language of to bring up, culture emperor hill is gone to after, boreal hill, admire mountain-climbing of carry on one's shoulder, overlook the urban district. Lunch is tasted authentic and Manchu 8 bowls big, eat hind goes to park of hill of pool of silvan park dragon to visit prison of water dungeon, drought, relics of culture of visiting Gao Gouli. Museum of visiting aerolite rain, one of 3 big Confucian temple of Chinese -- the journey ends after Jilin article temple.
2. Go for a walk in the country in spring of preserved egg lake tastes Jiang Yu one day to swim
Early urban district sets out, the beach outside visitting Jilin -- loose Jiang Zhonglu, same head the song walks into field of Jilin city performance twice -- century culture square, museum of visiting aerolite rain, view and admire scene of Songhua River two sides on the way; Go to preserved egg lake to go to ocean wave island by pleasure boat, view and admire scene of two sides of preserved egg lake on the way, road middle reaches sees tortoise island; Island of lunch ocean wave, taste lake of authentic preserved egg to open Jiang Yuyan; Lunch hind goes to area of scene of bay of celestial being dragon, ascend an island to look down at preserved egg lake the natural beauty of lakes and mountains. 16: 00 return the urban district to end happy journey by the car.
3. Lotus hill beauty spot swims one day
Early urban district sets out, go to lotus hill by travel bus virgin forest park (be apart from 130 kilometers of Jilin city) , visit Jilin provincial the biggest cave cave of one official horse, view stalactite, stalagmitic, grandma stone is beautiful, shi E is in charge of, the marvellous spectacle such as stone grape. Tablet of appreciation China's oldest calligraphy of word of Tang poetry the Song Dynasty forest, reach the square of strange stone nature science with the biggest east of Shanhaiguan, strange stone house. After lunch, visit lotus hill virgin forest park, view ridges and peaks rises and fall, gu Mu is very tall, the scene of the elfland that noisy waterfall splatters, experience silvan oxygen nature is primitive breath. Enjoy a guild hall to wash bath and natant project. 16: 00 return the urban district to end happy journey by the car.
4. Flood dragon river celebrates mountain beauty spot one day to swim
Before early urban district sets out, river of past flood dragon celebrates mountain storm area, view and admire security personnel to sleep on the way Buddha, visit the tourist attraction such as chute of jug of spring of stone of cereal of red autumnal leaves, double chelonian, primitive big Cathay poplar, butterfly, condole, lunch tastes the live fish that celebrate mountain. Ascend after lunch have " hole of Yunguang of 9 iron forked hill, eight treasures " the hill playing a way that say, visit too extremely peak of danger of the Yu Huangge of hole, rising sun hole, hole that wear a heart, 7 paces, chessboard, lie the tourist attraction such as hole of elephantine peak, the highest peak in a mountain range, bleb, tower hole. Dinner tastes authentic farmhouse banquet, eat hind returns Jilin city, end the journey.
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